Instacode Plug-in for Xcode

Xcode plug-in for posting code fragments to

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This plug-in allows developers to post code fragments directly from Xcode IDE to Instacode - an Instagram for your code. It supports OS X 10.7 and higher + Xcode 4.x.

Download and Install

Download the plug-in, unzip and put into ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins. Restart the Xcode to load the plug-in.

Use It to Post Your Code

To post the selected code fragment from Xcode code editor to Instacode, select Edit -> Post Selection to Instacode in Xcode main menu.

Build Instructions

If you want to build the plug-in by yourself, then clone the repository or download the source archive, open InstaCodesPlugin.xcodeproj in Xcode IDE and choose Product -> Build in main menu. Upon successfull build the plug-in will be placed in Xcode plug-ins directory. You will need to restart Xcode to load the newly built plug-in. After that you will see new menu item in Edit menu of Xcode IDE.

Have fun!